Friday, December 19, 2008

Changing My Blog Home

I have decided to change my blog home because I want to start a new thing on Ride Blessed. I really do like my blogspot page but I'd like to add a weekly posting article and organize it all in a better way.

I'm working on it all right now and feel like I should have that big yellow "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" tape across it all until I figure things out. I need to add all of my beloved links and my Cyclo-Club info. I'll figure this little thing out soon enough.
Please go ahead and update your info for my new home-

Ride Blessed on Wordpress

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry I haven't put much up this week. I've been a bit sick with some type of stomach thing. The rest of my body is feeling good but my stomach is just being a pain. Just waiting for it to pass.

I'm keeping up with my p90x workouts. I did a pretty intense arms and shoulders workout last night- went in the gym, put the Rage Against the Machine in my ears, and lifted hard. Don't know if I released the demons I went in there to get rid of but I did feel like a bad-ass when I was curling with more than the guy next to me!

I've had to ignore the nutritional plan for these last few days. Not that I'm stuffing cookies and candy bars in to my mouth or anything. My body doesn't seem to want much food right now so I'm drinking my protein shakes and eating small things here and there but I'm way under what the plan says I should be getting as far as calories and protein go. Just waiting to feel better...

Monday, December 15, 2008

p90x nutrition

This week I am going to try and get my p90X nutrition down. Since I just did bootcamp, I took this past week to eat off the wagon but now I feel all puffed up like the marshmallow man. Too many carbs, too much sugar makes me a "blah!" girl.

Here's the basics from the plan. For those of you who have done Graeme's Bootcamp, cycloclub outlined nutrition seems much, much easier to follow than what I've seen from p90x nutrition so far. Hopefully I'll get in the swing of it all here soon. Basically for my calorie needs I should get :
5 Proteins
2 Dairy
1 fruit
2 Veg
1 Fat
1 Carb
3 "snacks".

I had a protein shake after my workout for my breakfast but am not sure if this counts as the "snack" labeled "shake" or as "protein". Does it also count as a dairy? I had my EAS low carb shake which is so wonderful for me when I am pressed for time and want good nutrition. Since it was my breakfast, I am doing it as a protein. That category is the hardest for me to get in since I am vegetarian. I recently started eating fish because medically I am not allowed to eat soy products. I've been veggie for over 15 years so it was a hard decision to make to eat my little aquatic friends again....but that is another post. I have 4 more proteins to get.

What counts as a protein here? The bolded ones are those proteins which I eat. I used Hammer Products whey protein.
100 calories per serving
- 3 oz. chicken or turkey breast
- 6 egg whites
- 3 oz. fish or shellfish
- 3 oz. fat free ham slices
- 3 oz. pork tenderloin
- 1/3 cup protein powder
- 3 oz. red meat, lean
- 1 soy burger
- 5 soy slices
- 3 oz. tofu
- 3 oz. tuna
- 2 slices turkey bacon
- 1 veggie dog

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Graeme's bootcamp is that planning out meals is so crucial to success. I have begun working on this and hope to finalize this weeks plan when I have time tonight.

I'll post up more later and also talk about my other opinions on the p90x system.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Duality of a compeditor, sir or...:How I learned to stop racing and love the ride

(first off, if you got that double movie quote in my title, congrats we are both nerds and yippee)

I am writing about the awfully wonderful duality complex I have in me with regards to working out. There are tons of things that in my athletic world that create a push-pull in my brain- want to be stronger but need to rest, want to do everything but have to give some things up, I obsessively watch my calories but need energy for workouts, I'm excited by the big picture but need to focus on the small things. AAHHHH! Why cant I do it all?
This post is more of a physiological acceptance session for me than informational. Maybe you can get something out of it...I hope I can.

Tuesday night was my return to the dirt derby. I said going in to it I was going to ride and not race. I'm pretty good at saying things like this but not really great at following through. I know my evil competitor side. I know that when they say "go", my pedal will be pushed down hard and I will explode to get to the front of the pack. I know that if someone passes me, my mouth will water, my hands will sweat, and I will subconsciously increase my power. I know how I am and I don't make apologies for it- honestly, I cant help it most of the time.

Tuesday night I did not need to release any demons. It was my first time back on the bike for a real ride and if I fell, I could be back on the injured list, sporting my sling for another month or more. The course was crumbly from lack of rain and the winds were willing to make me take flight whether I wanted to or not. I rode a short little bit in the parking lot to make sure that bumps and turns would not hurt my shoulder. It was fine so I paid my $5 and bundled up against the increasingly cold weather. I did a bit of riding around to warm up and tried to convince myself to "just ride...just ride" but when my practical side fights against my competitor side, the outcome isn't always pretty.

I finished watching Greg rip up his cyclocross race and began to feel my blood pumping for mine. Seriously, I think I'm worse than a crack addict at times with this. I rolled to the line, joked with the other women, but when Stack called us to the front for the start, a switch in my head was turned on that I had little control over. "Go"- I was out in front, pushing it hard because that is my favorite part of the race, up and over the hills, around the dirt, a little too fast at some places, a little too shaky at other. Then my back tire fish tailed a bit and I was jolted back to reality of being in injury recovery. Good brain won out for a bit here- I held up and let the girl behind me pass. I figured that would do it and I'd be good but no go- my perfect angle halo was no where to be found- I felt myself start to race again after a few miliseconds. I fishtailed again. I took a deep breath and accepted what I was about to do the best I could- I let the other girls go past me. Racer Me was not happy at all- Smart Me understood what I needed to do. Racer Me was pissed, really pissed at the situation and fought Smart Me most of the rest of the race. Those two just cant see to get along some times!

I beat myself up for it at times when I'd see the girls in front of me because I knew I should be up there easily then I'd feel ok for a few seconds and accept why I was back of the pack. It still made me mad. I'm stubborn. I thought about stopping after the first lap and then again after the second. I would be stopping for the wrong reasons though. Stopping because of injury or a technical is one thing, stopping just because I'm not doing as well as I think I should is not my style. The pissy party was joyfully ended when Greg rolled up to the side of the course and aksed how I was doing. When I answered, "I'm slow and this sucks!". He reminded me that I was on the bike- a position I had worked hard to get back to after my crash. His words reminded me how I love the feel of the pedals and everything else that goes along with riding. He reminded me that I was lucky to even be able to get back on the bike after such a short time. I smiled and enjoyed the ride.

The wind picked up and there were a couple of moments I didnt feel secure in the dirt. I slowed it down and decided to work on some of my technical skills in turning and holding my line. When the race ended, I made 3rd out of 4 women but I did the whole race and stuck it out, even when there were arguments in my head.

Most people bailed after my race ended. The wind got even harsher and the dust was wicked. The temp also dropped really quickly and moisture was in the air. Greg went to the line with 4 other guys. I stayed outside for the first two laps to cheer him on and he was killing it but his race was cut short by rain/sleet coming down from the Texas sky. We're not use to that much here in the Lone Star State. He wanted to keep racing and make it more epic than it had already been. I loaded up the truck with my bike and we made it back to home as quickly and safely as possible.

So to end this post, I'll say I'm trying. I'm trying to take it slow, to respect the injury, and to take a deep breath when Racer Me yells a bit too loudly. I'm trying....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday was my last day for bootcamp but I also added some weights to start off my first day of the p90x program. By the time I hit the bike for a 45min tempo spin (which I did in a spin class to keep up the motivation) I was mentally and physically tired. I know it is not advisable to double up as I did but I really wanted to hit it hard and burn up all that I had.

Mission accomplished. By the time I got to my car, my body was needing my recovery shake so bad- and ooh, it tasted so good! As I left the gym, all I could think about was getting home and making my mushroom risotto for dinner. By the time I was half way home, the hunger was muffled from the shake and I no longer feared eating everything in site.

I am actually pretty proud of my weights workout yesterday. The chest and back workout calls for enough push-ups and pull-ups to make Rambo get a little tired but since my AC joint is not completely healed, I can do neither. Two options here- 1. skip the workout, put it off for a rainy day, ignore day one of p90x, or 2. modify the workout so that I still get a burn while still respecting my injury. My nature forces me to do everything in my power to get a workout in, even wrestle a bear, so I decided to think it over and modify the workout. Typically I dont like machine weights at the gym, too much room for assistance and lackadaisitude (yes, I just created that word and have no qualms using it). I'm not saying that machine weights are never good- in the case of an injury, as with me, or not knowing proper technique, machine weights are a very good avenue to use. The great Kevin Larabee, of The Fit Cast, helped me out with the pull-up delima. He suggested that I use the lat pull-down machine to get the muscles worked out without the stress to my joint. I decided to use the various forms of chest press machines in place of the push-ups. I can do about 3 push-ups successfully at this point in my injury however the workout calls for 12-15 reps about 10 different times and I know the benifit would not be there for me.

So I sit here working on this post nicely sore from yesterday's workout. Today I am supposed to do the plyometric workout but may put the dirt derby race tonight in its place.

Quickly, here's a list of various blogs regarding health and nutrition I read on a daily basis. Thought some of you out there would be interested and could use them-
Step Up- Tony Gentilacore's blog on fitness, nutrition, personal training industry, and general random info. Big fan of this blog
Fassination- Jonathan Fass's blog on fitness. Similar to Tony's blog.
The Fit Cast- Great mp3/itunes episodes about fitness with experts
Brian St. Pierre Training- another great training blog
Figure Athlete- great articles by people in the industry but a bit meat-headed at times
Seth's Blog- not about fitness but about general life things and taking charge

There are many more and I'll post more later on.

Monday, December 8, 2008

MUS-CLE, Muscle, Muscle Victory!

(OK, lame, lame title I know but it is what came to my head first)

Time to build muscle!!!

I'm very excited- Today is my last day of the Cycloclub Fat Loss Bootcamp and the beginning of my first round of muscle building. I had planned to start it last month but then injured my shoulder and had to cancel it. I took in a few extra calories today to help give me a bit of extra fuel to burn for the weights before I do my 45-min tempo ride and abdominal workout.

Tonight is also my carb meal! I'm making mushroom risotto and enjoying a nice glass of wine.

I'm ready to lift again and get these girlie muscles strong girl muscles. It is really great because Greg (my boyfriend who is a great athlete) is also starting p90x so we'll be in the trenches together here.