Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm a Half Ironwoman!!

4 months of training, one week of sickness (and some still lingering at the race) but I survived...with a smile!
1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
13.1 mile run

3 Hammer gels
4 Hammer Mito Caps
6 Anti Fatigue Caps
6 Race Caps Supreme
1 Packet Daily Essentials
1 Bottle of Perpetum 3-hour mix
Endurlytes like crazy for the Texas heat
2 bottles of water
2 Theraflu Thin Strips
Countless cups of water, wet towels, sponges during run
1 small cup of beer at mile 12 on run
1 Freebirds Burrito
2 Great friends, Jen (racer) Mel (humor support)
1 Wonderful Boyfriend (bike support during run, eye candy, and post-race entourage)
1 post race massage of pain and glory
2 Bags of Ice for blissfully awful ice bath (Thank you for forcing this on me G)
2 Negro Modelo Beers

A solid pass out sleep

and later on today... massage :)!

1 comment:

Frogg said...

I read your blog so fast that I burned 89.5 calories!! I loved it. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! That ice bath is totally the ticket to recovery!! Atta girl! I'm so proud of your success :) You are incredible and amaze me. I'm so proud of you!!

You are MORE than half an Ironwoman :)