Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let the relaxation begin!

I'm off soon to my new adventure. Going to Moab for the 24-Hours of Moab race to help out the best team in the world- the NRC/Pedalmasher team.

These guys (and gals) are truly the best, not just using an overused statement. They've become such a family to me and they make me so proud to wear the blue and white. It cant even express fully how much respect and admiration I have for my teammates and how much freaking fun it is to be part of such an outstanding motley crew! LONG LIVE THE BIG BLUE ARMY!

This car trip should be filled with lots of fun. Greg, my boyfriend, and I are hitting a bunch of camping stops along the way. He's racing on a 4 man team and I'm working the beginning of the race and doing my best to make sure the Masher guys have everything they need to have an outstanding race.

Check out Greg's race page, The Good Life, to find out more about insane mountain bike racing, sponsors, recovery, rehab, and all fun things that go along with that jazz.

Posts and pics should come!

Be Blessed Ya'll


Frogg said...

I added the quote...

"The one who is in you, is greater that the one who is in the world" to my quote board. Was that all you or inspired by another? Either way - I love it!


Josh said...

Congrats CQ - way to go!!! I'm heavy into ice right now as well... although for less glorious reasons. Darned cyclocross...