Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm pretty lucky

I know what pain feels like so it is no shock and something I could deal with during the last 1.5 miles of the race on Sunday. I had a pretty bad crash. I was doing pretty well, feeling the course, and really enjoying my speed and line choice. I had not prerode it so I was going slower than I would have just because I was timid about what was coming up. I got more confidence and started to really flow around the turns, speed up on the straights, and kill the downs (my favorite part). Around one corner I got going too fast for the loose dirt, rocks, or whatever was beneath my tires and the bike slipped out from under me. I went down and went down hard.

Luckily when I went down, something in made my me tuck and roll instead of putting my arms out to brace the fall. That's the worst thing you can do because it is a pretty great way to insure clavicle snap. I hit hard, felt nauseous, and had to reorient myself for a second but I got back on. After a quick check to make sure the bike was fine, I got back in the saddle. The pain didnt set in for a few seconds and then I realized that it really, really hurt to hold on to my bars with my right hand. I had to slow down and be much more careful since my handling skills (which are still in elementary school playground level) were cut in half. I kept telling myself that it wasn't pain and that I had to just take deep breaths and enjoy the rest of the ride. Mission accomplished. I really did have a very fun race and rolled in to the finish holding my necklace with my right hand to keep my arm in a comfortable position.

My awesome teammates were there at the finish to cheer me on but knew by my face and body position that I was hurt. I was smiling though since my boyfriend and teammates daughters were there to greet me being silly in a chicken hat. I was really lucky that no bones were out and I was able to get back on. I was also lucky that all the climbing was behind me and there was only a few more bumps to snail ride over left on the course.

The status so far is that I'm bruised and swollen but nothing is broken or dislocated.

I cant wait to get back on the trail as soon as I heal.

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