Thursday, November 13, 2008

the plan for recovery

Since the shoulder has put me a little off track with lifting, I've had to amend my plan. I'm hoping to still get some easy leg stuff in there but because of where the injury is, crunches are pretty impossible. Tonight I plan to look over my various ab workouts and see which exercises I can do and make a remedial workout list.

The plan for now is:
Step 1. Recovery and heal AC joint- during this time I can use the exercise bikes at the gym, including the new Expresso bikes which I really enjoyed yesterday. I'd like to get some work on my legs but I dont think I can do much more than the machines. I'm planning on going tomorrow morning, doing some bike work, and then testing out some of the machines.

Step 2.Cyclo-Core Fat Loss Bootcamp- cant wait to get back to this one. I've done it once before and loved it. It is a really fun week for me since I love structure. I should be able to do the exercises- not going to start the program until I am cleared to do them. I want to make sure I dont injury myself worse. I have to make sure my shoulder will be able to handle the Zen yoga workout and the 8 min workout (love those hindu pushups!)

Step 3. p90x workouts- I want to get back to the muscle building and pull-ups I started to actually enjoy doing.

After the p90x workouts I will decide which Cyclo workout plan will work best for me. I will either focus on tri off season, climbing, mountain bike specific, or speed but it will fall in to place when the time comes. I need to get past step 1 first.


Triguru said...

Get well soon Colleen!! How are those p90x workouts? I'm mesmerized by the infomercials, but was afraid it would end up being gimmicky.

Frogg said...

Step by step woman! Recover first :) then tackle the rest! have an amazing day!


Joy said...

sorry to hear about the injury. I'd love to hear the details on the p90x workouts. Is it structured strength training with low reps/heavy weights or vice versa? What's their angle?
I'm getting ready to do the fat loss camp again as soon as I receive Lean out (never tried it but after hearing Graeme talk about it over the last year I'm willing to go there).
take care.

texastutt said...

As far as shoulders go, if it hurts in a workout I do not do it... I over do it with work and my Doctor is giving me crap about it.

SO my suggestion for your shoulder, though I don't take my own advice. STAY OFF it, let it heal. Still stretch it out "lightly"

Frogg said...

You best be restin!

Miss ya CQ!