Friday, November 21, 2008

This aint no pity party

(I promise, my grammar is typically better than that)

That's right, THIS AINT NO PITY PARTY, sleeping in late wont get you better, pouting about not being able to ride isn't going to help, kicking dirt at the race this weekend when you aren't the one in the saddle will do nothing to fix it. Get up, work out, make it happen. Wear the sling because you need it even though you dont like it, rest up, and keep mind and body strong.

OK, I admit- I danced a bit at the pity party last night. I didn't become prom queen or down a bowl of spiked punch to keep the pity flowing but I did briefly walk in and bob my head to the music.

I've been pretty positive about the arm so far. Things could have been so, so, so much worse with the crash and I really got away pretty lucky. The AC ligament damage is a little bump, a bruise compared to what others have gone through and what some will deal with the rest of their lives.

On my drive home, exhausted from being on hyper-alert for all meandering shoppers not paying attention to their rogue carts, the party began. I felt sad for myself that I couldn't just hop on my bike last night and go for a ride. I was angry that it takes me twice as long to push the cart around Target with one hand and that I have to stategerize (said with a G.Bush accent) my plan of attack when I go grocery shopping so I can reach the cans on the high shelf. I was annoyed that the car in front of me didn't realize how hard it is for me to shift gears with a sling on. All silly and stupid I know but I'm just being real with what my emotions were, no matter how inane and ridiculous. And with that quick rant.................I'm done. No more, get up, get back to work, and be strong.

I got this morning off to a positive start- though the conversation my good brain had with my cozy-sleep in brain while my head was nestles oh so warmly on my pillow is exactly what I put in the first paragraph of this post. It was the epic struggle we all go through when it comes to our morning workout. Lately I've been using the arm as an excuse for not getting up, though I know I always feel so much better after the first five minutes of the workout. This morning I had a plan and sorted it out before the snooze alarm blared one more time. I also really had to go pee which quickened the forced my exodus from the down comforter. I ended up doing the P90X Legs and Back workout but after each squat/lunge set instead of doing the pull-up sets, which are physically impossible at this point, I hopped back on the trainer and spun like a partially mad lady until the next exercise. I got a good workout for my legs that way.

I've begun my morning with a Willie Nelson song, a nice cup of coffee, some good emails, and my new favorite breakfast treat- canned pumpkin with cinnamon and protein powder, heated in the microwave.

My day is starting like ol'Willie crooned, ...."Blue skies smilin' at me, Nothin' but blue skies from now on."

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Josh said...

Your blog's looking GREAT, Colleen. Sounds like you're remaining upbeat and figuring out how to stay fit and shrug off as many excuses as you can. It's not easy when you're injured - your efforts, and you blog posts, are inspirational!