Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday was my last day for bootcamp but I also added some weights to start off my first day of the p90x program. By the time I hit the bike for a 45min tempo spin (which I did in a spin class to keep up the motivation) I was mentally and physically tired. I know it is not advisable to double up as I did but I really wanted to hit it hard and burn up all that I had.

Mission accomplished. By the time I got to my car, my body was needing my recovery shake so bad- and ooh, it tasted so good! As I left the gym, all I could think about was getting home and making my mushroom risotto for dinner. By the time I was half way home, the hunger was muffled from the shake and I no longer feared eating everything in site.

I am actually pretty proud of my weights workout yesterday. The chest and back workout calls for enough push-ups and pull-ups to make Rambo get a little tired but since my AC joint is not completely healed, I can do neither. Two options here- 1. skip the workout, put it off for a rainy day, ignore day one of p90x, or 2. modify the workout so that I still get a burn while still respecting my injury. My nature forces me to do everything in my power to get a workout in, even wrestle a bear, so I decided to think it over and modify the workout. Typically I dont like machine weights at the gym, too much room for assistance and lackadaisitude (yes, I just created that word and have no qualms using it). I'm not saying that machine weights are never good- in the case of an injury, as with me, or not knowing proper technique, machine weights are a very good avenue to use. The great Kevin Larabee, of The Fit Cast, helped me out with the pull-up delima. He suggested that I use the lat pull-down machine to get the muscles worked out without the stress to my joint. I decided to use the various forms of chest press machines in place of the push-ups. I can do about 3 push-ups successfully at this point in my injury however the workout calls for 12-15 reps about 10 different times and I know the benifit would not be there for me.

So I sit here working on this post nicely sore from yesterday's workout. Today I am supposed to do the plyometric workout but may put the dirt derby race tonight in its place.

Quickly, here's a list of various blogs regarding health and nutrition I read on a daily basis. Thought some of you out there would be interested and could use them-
Step Up- Tony Gentilacore's blog on fitness, nutrition, personal training industry, and general random info. Big fan of this blog
Fassination- Jonathan Fass's blog on fitness. Similar to Tony's blog.
The Fit Cast- Great mp3/itunes episodes about fitness with experts
Brian St. Pierre Training- another great training blog
Figure Athlete- great articles by people in the industry but a bit meat-headed at times
Seth's Blog- not about fitness but about general life things and taking charge

There are many more and I'll post more later on.


TiGirl said...


IT's so great that you are so motivated right now, you have a great attitude toward healing...good for you!

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog page...wise words!


Tony Gentilcore said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. Always nice to know there are people out there that don't think I suck...ha!

Jonathan Fass said...

I think you suck, Tony. BURN!

Thanks for the shoutout, CQ