Monday, September 22, 2008

Countdown and Taper Begin!

The countdown is on and the taper begins with today! I'm excited. I have 12 days until the Longhorn Half Ironman and I'm pretty stoked.

Today I'm meeting my training partner/partner in crime and insanity Jen at the race site for a bike-run or maybe swim-bike. Not all that sure yet but it will be good to get on the bike for an easy ride with her. I'm hoping to talk her in to doing the run because it really took a lot out of me last week when I hit the trail.

Hey- here's another goal. I think I'll put down some daily goals as well. My goal tonight is to go home and do Graeme's roller workout (Myofascial Release Training) to make sure I get my good stretch in after it all. I'm tight from a multitude of things including the long car rides this weekend and my run.

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