Monday, September 22, 2008

Putting the goals out there-

I've started this blog to keep up with my new cycling goals. I've been using CycloCore products for a little less than a year and have been very happy. They recently put out a challenge to all cycloclub users to make goals and track them. So here I am- making my goals public and working towards them.

I am very good at setting goals and following plans. I am NOT good however at a very crucial and critical part of my training- the recovery and resting. This challenge will hopefully help me undo many, many years of skipping recovery, pushing it aside, and totally ignoring rest and make me gain many leaps in my cycling and overall health.

In two weeks I will be competing in my first ever half Ironman triathlon here in beautiful Austin, Texas. I am very excited and anxious about this new challenge and have been working hard to reach my start line. I have all confidence I will do it and finish- which is really my big goal. I want to have fun and really be in the moment, especially when I'm out on my favorite part, the bike.

After my race, I am going to Moab, Utah to help out some teammates (including my wonderful boyfriend) at a 24-Hour mountain bike race. This will force me to rest and not fret over runs and swims I'm missing. We are then going to camp and enjoy the outdoors for the next week. I will be mountain biking and probably do a run or two while I'm out there but nothing by the book.

So here are my goals for the short term-
1. Complete Longhorn Half Ironman with a positive experience
2. Recover
3. Enjoy my trip

When I return, I am planning to take it easy for another week or so and then get back in to some good training. I havent completely decided on running the marathon this year but I think I will. My goals for after my "decompression" period are-
1. Get 3 high intensity workouts in per week, at least one bike and one run
2. Work on my mountain bike technical skills; ride/work on technical skills mtb Atlas 1/week and continue racing Dirt Derby
3. Make recovery higher priority than workouts- Quality Recovery 2x per week
4. Lift weights like a guy, meaning lift more, lift heavier- no "girlie" weights- 2x per week (includes bootcamp workouts)
5. Core training EVERY workout
6. Compete in first MTB race this fall

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