Thursday, September 25, 2008

Positive Thoughts

Natalie Dee

Positive thoughts and mental training play a big part in overall racing and daily workout results. I teach this to my athletes as we are heading up to their first triathlon. I believe it is very important, however, even after loving the sport and doing it for 4 years, I struggle with it.

I went out for my scheduled morning run today. I'm in the first week of my two week taper and am really feeling like I'm hitting a wall over and over again. I'm getting burnt out on training and want to just race. It will come soon- I just have to stay positive and push those negative thoughts that float into my head out of the way and focus on the positive, beautiful thoughts I should be having.

Instead of saying,
"I am such a slower runner than I use to be since I started doing marathons."
I should be saying
"I can go longer than I had ever thought I would be able to do and each run is the opportunity to improve on the previous run."

Instead of thinking,
"I know my run in the half ironman will be slow"
I should think,
"It is going to be amazing running the course after the swim and bike. It will be a feat that I've prepared for and I should really enjoy in the moment".

I'm will take the time today to put these positive thoughts in my head and think about all I have accomplished through this training. I will focus on how much I enjoy my workouts and how, come race day, I will be doing something that makes me so happy and I feel so unbelievable lucky to have the ability to do.