Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Working hard towards rest-

Last night my very wonderful boyfriend called me at 8:30 with a reminder to go to bed early. He is an athlete as well and is much, much better than I about getting enough rest. He told me I should strive for 9+ hours of sleep.

What!!?? I'm having a hard time getting 7 hours much less 9. I've had to make some changes in my night owl routine - well, actually it has only been one night but I did it. I am not waking up early to do my long runs or workouts, they will have to wait until after work. I am also eating early and doing relaxing things after instead of starting new projects like I typically do late at night.

Last night I hit the sheets at 9:30pm and slept until 7:10am. Luckily I'm super quick at getting ready and was out the door for work by 7:25.

Today will be another struggle though I've moved around tomorrow's workout until after work. I am going to the dirt derby here in Austin. It is a super fun race out at a motorcross track. I've competed twice and it is so much fun. As I am in taper week, I wont be competing but I am bringing out my mountain bike for a little roll in the dirt. I have given my boyfriend specific instructions to NOT let me race tonight, no matter how I try and justify it. It is a great workout and is exactly what I should be doing as far as interval training once I get back from Moab but for now, I'll just have to be a cheerleader out there for my guys and girls.

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