Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've got chills...

And it suck. Yeah, I wish I could be more eloquent about it but that's my statement for what my body is experiencing at this moment- it suck. I am sick.

This seems to be ritual before big races for me. I workout hard, rest, get ready for taper week, and inevitably I become ill. Before my first Olympic distance race, which was a huge deal to me since it was my very first coming from sprint triathlons, I was sick. So sick that I booted it in the water during the first 20 strokes of my swim. Things got better after that. Before my first marathon, I came down with something as well. Now I'm approaching my first half-ironman, a race that has taken over my existence for the last 3 months and my body is achy, my throat is sore, and my stomach is playing hackey sack with the little bit of food i was able to put in it this morning.

I've taken my multivitamins and various other supplements hoping to knock this out. I'm going to take the garlic route as soon as I get home- swallow 2 cloves whole then put one clove in the side of my mouth (kind of like it was dip) and hold it there as long as I can. It has worked before and I'm game for it again.

Looks like my super fun workout with my friend will be scraped today. Lame. Lame but necessary. I have a dentist appointment at 11 and then may just take off of work and get my rear back in bed.

I'm stoked for my race. I know I'll be fine by gun time but it just stinks that I cant get in the last fun workouts but that's the way it goes if I want to get healthy.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your race and I hope you feel better. There is nothing worse than feeling sick before a big event. I feel for you!