Monday, October 20, 2008

The Goals.....

Happily back on the workout wagon-
I'm going to restate my long term goals which are now my GOALS since they are goals of now and not long term.

I'm planning on reposting these each week so I can take the time to read over them and mark them off as I follow them.

* 1. Make recovery higher priority than workouts
* 2. Get 3 high intensity workouts in per week, at least one bike and one run
* 3. Core training EVERY workout- CYCLOCORE Workouts
* 4. Lift weights like a guy, meaning lift more, lift heavier- no "girlie" weights 2x per week, can count bootcamp class
* 5. Work on my mountain bike technical skills; ride/work on technical skills mtb Atlas 1/week and continue racing Dirt Derby
* 6. Compete in first MTB race this fall

So how's it going?
Goal #1-Recovery
trying my best. Took a ride yesterday that kind of wore me out but I believe I may be a little sick still so it was early to bed last night.

Goal #2- HIT workouts x 3

Goal #3-CycloCore Training
Will do cyclo core training today after I get home. I think I'll do my favorite of the core workouts, the 13 minute ab workout with the ab roller. It is on Cyclo-Speed as the bonus workout. I dont have a roller just yet at home but am going to purchase one soon. I use the roller at the gym like crazy and have noticed others starting to use it more. When I dont have the roller, I use the ball as Graeme suggests. It is a killer workout and tons of fun. Best thing about it though is that he focuses on lower back work, a section neglected by many quick ab workouts and most classes in the gym.

Goal #4- Lift like a Guy
Met my friend for the bootcamp class today at the gym. I used the heavier weights and got an awesome workout.

Goal #5- Mountain bike technical skills
Not sure I'll hit the derby this week. Depends on the bike status but will be in LA for a race.

Goal # 6. Compete in first MTB race this fall
Planning on racing in Ruston, LA this weekend!!


TiGirl said...

Ride on! I'm doing the heavier lifting, fewer reps thing too, for the last two weeks, and it has been awesome!

Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the good work, and thanks for posting.


Frogg said...

Do it up CQ!! I'll start new core body workouts after this week is through. Crazy school week. Miss ya lady! Best wishes on the race in Louisiana! Rock that sh - out!

Love to ride and love to fly,
E to the R

PS. what is that work out you had me do with those yellow straps to the door? Ay! That was fun stuff. I want to order!