Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HIT- High Intensity Training

From Wikipedia-
The fundamental principles of High Intensity Training (HIT) are that exercise should be brief, infrequent, and intense. Exercises are performed with a high level of effort, or intensity, where it is thought that it will stimulate the body to produce an increase in muscular strength and size. Advocates of HIT believe that this method is superior for strength and size building than most other methods which, for example, may stress lower weights with larger volume (reps).

I'm working on getting my goal of 3 HIT workouts a week in. Yesterday on my way home from work a made my plan. I got home and did Graeme's 8 Min Mental Toughness Routine followed by a short 1 min break while I changed out the disks and did Cyclo-Impossible Part 2, then another 8 Min Mental Toughness Routine. All in all it ended up being just over 30 min and then I did some stretching and cool down. I choose Part 2 of Cyclo-Impossible because, not only is it my favorite one, but because it uses the gauntlet exercises. I figured it would be good work after being exhausted from the first 8 min routine.

Good workout before going to play bike mechanic on my mtb with Greg- who did most of the work while I watched and learned.

Question to you- If you know the 8 min workout and Impossible, would you consider my above workout HIT? I get a little confused on HIT since I am an endurance junkie who's trying to heed Graeme's advice and take in HIT workouts to my schedule.

Thanks ya'll- may your pedals give you clarity, may your road road be smooth, and may your saddle bring you joy!

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