Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you cycloclub friends. Yesterday I met my goal of not lifting like a girl and hit the weights at the gym in the bootcamp class. I was the only one of the female species who used the heavy bar and heavier weights. Goal done, check.

I am putting thanks here because I wrote yesterday that I would do my goal of a cyclo-core workout when I got home from work. I stayed a little late to make sure things were caught up at my desk and began to talk myself out of doing my core workout when I got home. 15 minutes of core? I did some core at the gym....I am tired and worn out....I could just not do it and not say anything....

As I had my foot on the gas, debating with myself on the workout, and luckily missing the rush hour Austin traffic, I thought of others blogs of my cyclo-buds I read yesterday and took note of what they have worked through to meet their goals. I have an easy life- I like my job, I get to workout, I don't have to worry about getting home and feeding kids, working a second job, I'm done with school, don't have to deal with illness- essentially, my hurdles are very small compared to many others. My fellow cyclo-clubers are an inspiration to me and last night were a motivation to do what I said I was going to do.

I brought it back old-school. Actually, I decided to do a different workout and went back to the first DVD of Graeme's I ever received- Cyclo-Zen. I popped it in and decided to do the "Fix the Back, Stay in the Drops-Strength" workout. It was nice to do a workout I haven't done in a while.

Got it done, another goal for the day checked off. Now my morning pseudo-coherent ramble is over, hopefully something made sense and it sounded better than a 5th grade social studies essay. I shall return to my medium coffee and wish I had hit another goal last night of more sleep. I'll work on that one tonight.

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