Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day- this means war!

Pumpkin vs. Patton

Though I don't eat turkey, I will be celebrating the season with family, loved ones, and friends, being thankful for all that I have. Being vegetarian I don't have to worry about the waistline when it comes to the bird, the sausage stuffing, sides of honey baked ham, or the meat broth gravy, however I need to watch out for things like creamy, oh so good potatoes, veggies-n-cheese combos, super buttery dinner rolls, and the extreme temptress of them all, pumpkin pie! This is a tough battle and, though every year at this time, many, many people think things like, "just one bite wont hurt" or "I'll be fine, there cant be that many calories in it, can there?", the battle field ends up laden with the remains of dinner platters and pie plates leaving the warrior laid out on the couch in a carbohydrate coma watching the big game (hook 'em horns!).

You must have a plan, you must also understand that the best leave room for contingencies. I am not saying that the pleasurable bites should be taken out for only raw carrots and bok choy. I am saying that there should be room to indulge, just keep that room small and quaint.

Here's my plan for my holiday week-
I will use the next lines of this post to hatch a defense plan for the calorie attack and outline a strategy for burning the calories that manage to transverse the front line.

1. Eat a good, healthy breakfast to keep from over indulging later
2. Make one pass of the food plate, hold back from second helpings.
3. Pick one dessert and half it.
4. Watch the liquid calories- make sure to drink water all day long.
5. Workouts- get HIT workouts in, do the p90x leg workout, bring bike trainer and do at least one cyclo-workout, do a long run while Greg is out doing his long ride.
6. Smile and be thankful!

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Frogg said...

Thanks for reinforcing helpful hints to reduce Thanksgiving cals. In regards to cutting dessert in half....I will take the other half if its pumpkin pie! Pass it here :) Hello!! :)

Have a super Thursday!

E to the R is feeling thankful!