Monday, December 1, 2008

Defeated in battle but will still win the war-

The holiday weekend was wonderful but my eating and workout plans did not stick. There were some other circumstances and I happily changed my plans around to help out.

Tomorrow I am going to start the Cyclo-Core 7-Day Fat Loss Bootcamp. I am in the process of planning everything out. I had wanted to start it today but since I am going to do the Cyclo- Live class early Wednesday morning (see previous post), I changed Day 1 to tomorrow. If I had started today, the class would have landed on my rest day.

After my week of bootcamp I am going to start back with the weights. I'll be using the p90x program and incorporating bike specifics into it. I'm pretty sure my shoulder should be all healed. I will modify certain things if I need, like pullups.

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