Friday, December 5, 2008

An apple a day...

Actually I've been having two apples a day. I love 'em apples and I'm eating a lot of them for the bootcamp.

I'm on Day 4 of the bootcamp. I did a little small mess-up in the plan today and was completely ignorant to it until after the fact. I did my workout this morning. The plan calls for you doing it later in the day, right before your big carb meal but I completely forgot about this until I was at work, post workout, post breakfast. Oh well, it wont mess things up really. I did do an extra "active recovery" 45 min run with my friend Melissa yesterday so that may have helped with the depletion. I plan to do a little ab workout after work today so that will get me to deplete the carbs a little more before opening the gates, filling up, and firing my metabolism. I'm feeling fine and forgot how much I like the scheduled eating and preplanning of food. It does well for my day, my mind, and my OCD nature.

Speaking of planning...Greg and I are off to Houston this weekend for a cyclocross race. No, I'm not racing- though I hoped upon hope, wished with all the fuzzy unicorn sweetness I could, but I am just almost healed and wont screw that up. There is no way I can shoulder right now so I guess my foray into the cyclocross world will have to wait until either the dirt derby (which doesn't really have that much for the beginner women) or hold off until next season{when I will hopefully have my new cyclocross bike}. I am going to bring my mountain bike up there so that I can get in the 90 min ride on Sunday that the bootcamp calls for. I am planning to ride around while Greg is preparing and racing. I wont be on the course, just near it, helping out and whatnot. It might not be the full 90min but it will be close.

So off to H-town I go for a fun weekend. Next week I'll finish bootcamp (Monday) and start my p90x fun after a day or two off. Honestly, it is so freaking hard for me to take only one off day that I dont know if I can handle two in a row but the p90x will incorporate at least one rest day in the cycle so I think I can handle that.

Be kind, be thankful, ride blessed*

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Frogg said...

I love how you sign off on your blog... be kind, be thankful, be blessed. We need more of this in the world. Thank you for setting the tone.

Have fun in H-town! And take it easy on the bike ride!